Fun with Food Fridays: Singing Sparrow-loupe


Earlier this week for Mommy & Me Monday I shared how you can make a simple plush version of the sparrow from Sir Bumble and Princess Pristina. A friend of mine saw the plush image in the post and for a moment thought it was a food post. So, as not to disappoint, here is the little guy crafted from edibles.

His beak and primary feathers are tangerine slices, his body and tail are cantaloupe, and I used cheddar for his eye patch and wing interior. His little feet are celery cross-sections, and his eye is of course a raisin. He flies through a sea of puffy mini marshmallows (which have gotten soft and sticky – perfect consistency!).

Not real sure how cantaloupe and cheddar will taste together…off to eat the fruits of my labor and find out! (Thankfully there are marshmallows for dessert, should this go ill with me ๐Ÿ˜‰ )




Fun with Food Fridays: Pancake crowns!

Our pancake creations theme continues! This week let your kids decorate a crown with fruit and berries and whipped cream! If you’re new to making shaped pancakes, I suggest using a thicker recipe like the one I used – the Pioneer Woman’s perfect pancakes. (Oh so delicious) recipe here.

Pour a thick strip of batter and then, using the back of a spoon orย  the flat of a butter knife, drag the batter up into points. Flip pancake as usual. Consume rejects. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For decorating, I provided blueberries, strawberries cut into diamond shapes, honeydew and banana cut into tiny diamond shapes, and slivers of strawberry. But imagination is the limit! Give them anything and everything edible to decorate with and let the imaginations soar.


Fun with Food Friday: Griddle dragons



Please don’t eat me!

Last time we layered our way to a smaller dragon. This time we go for the close up! You can have fun with the eyebrows to make different expressions too. If you hold off on the syrup a bit and let your kids play with those eyebrows too you’ll probably earn your “fun mom” merit badge. ๐Ÿ˜€ Ooo – make him a mustache piece! Or a hat! It’s like Mr. Potato head for your pancake breakfast. If you try it, share photos!!

This guy is all about the layers. None of the shapes are particularly tough to make in themselves. The trick is to use a thicker pancake batter ( I used the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pancakes recipe) and start with a standard circle or oval and then push or pull the batter with the bottom of a spoon to get a spike or a tip or a corner. Just start with your spoon closer to the center of the oval and lightly drag it out in the direction you want the spike or go or the corner to come out of the circle. Make lots of batter and make lots of mistakes and then (too bad) you have to eat the rejects! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And you’ll get the hang of it!

Here’s how to piece this guy together step by step!

Tangerine slices for the horns add a splash of color. I formed the crown of the head by making a crown – this is the trickiest piece. If you feel better about making a squarish piece and then using a knife to cut out the horns on top, go for it. I assure you your kids won’t care how it is done! ๐Ÿ™‚
Think of this next piece as a reject Mickey Mouse head. It’s a bigger circle in the middle and the two smaller ears poured so close to the first circle that they meld into it.
Banana slices and raisins for the eyes…
This new piece is the jaw, with a strawberry for a tongue. You don’t need the nobs at the top of the jaw piece – this is actually a piece I originally intended to be the top of the snout but didn’t like the size in the end so I demoted it to the bottom jaw. A simple oval with a tip on the bottom will do the trick!
Tear drop piece forms the bridge of the nose. Notice the peanut butter – edible glue. And adds a bit of protein to the meal ๐Ÿ™‚
Two skinny ovals for the eyebrows! Have fun with the expressions.




Fun with Food Friday: Griddle dragon


I remember some years back a friend shared this blog with me and my mind was blown – using multiple pancakes in layers to create depth and three dimensional shapes. So brilliant! I owe the next couple of posts to the inspiration of Mr. Goudeau, master pancake maker.

I also owe these pancakes to one Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman extraordinaire, and her delicious and just-thick-enough pancake batter recipe. Too runny and there’s no control over the shapes on the griddle. But this one was just thick enough to bend to my creative whims. AND yeah, it tasted great too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy weekend!

Fun with Food Friday: Banana Bear


Last week I made a little loaf of banana bread from some leftover batter. I usually do this so the kids (and I!) can have some for breakfast before taking the other normal-size loaves to someone else. Who may share with us and we’d get some more, but that is beside the point. And I mean, I have to TASTE the finished product right? Could I serve something potentially bad-tasting to a friend??

Nevermind that I have made and tested this recipe a hundred times before… but I digress.

The squatty little loaf sliced up into a shape that made me think of a bear’s face. So this one just blossomed from there. The paws pads are raisins that have been cut in half/ slivers. Tricky to work with because they stick to the knife, but I love trying to get those little details in. The eyes are crescents I cut from a banana slice, and the tongue is a bit of strawberry. Not too tricky and so fun to see the little smiles…


Fun with Food Fridays:Charging Rhinoshroomos


My husband recently brought home some marinated portabello mushrooms for dinner. But while I was supposed to be chopping them for a sauce, in the pile in front of me I saw a rhino’s nose. They have this wonderful wrinkly triangle-tipped snout. And then I saw those fun stumpy wrinkled rhino feet! And before I knew I what I was doing, dinner was on hold and my chopping turned to carving. Not that my children minded a delay in eating a dinner that involved mushrooms…

The rhino skin is made of the portabello caps (the tops) and the horn and toes are made from the fleshy underside of the caps, and the stem. Tiny bits of strawberry make the eyes (weird flavor combo but they were out and I was in too big a hurry to remember I had red peppers in the fridge). The tall grass is made of strips of honey dew melon.

And in a surprise happy ending, my son ate the mushroom sauce. And the backup hotdogs…



Fun with Food Fridays: Serpentine Squash


While wandering the produce aisle I saw these beautiful mottled Italian squashes and justย  had to transform them into something. Add to that a package of mini bell peppers and the rest of the cremini from my sheep creation (and, of course, the raisins) et voila!

I’ve been thinking for awhile about how I could layer slices of fruit into something but never felt inspired by the tests. This finally felt right. I’d love to do a bigger version with lots of scales! But as this cutting board was the biggest surface I owned I was rather limited. May need to expand my kitchen supplies for future escapades…

Who else has been playign with their veggies? Please share your pictures!!

Happy food play day!


Fun with Food Fridays: Caulif-lamb-er


Ok, I know that pun is baaa-d.


So this week there was a giant head of cauliflower at the dollar store, and a package of cremini mushrooms next to it. And I of course immediately thought of sheep. (This is a perfectly normal train of thought right?)


His eyes and hooves are raisins, and I did have to cave and use a toothpick this time to attach the head (which is a cremini cap trimmed to make a head shape with ears). The legs are cremini stems. And for those of you who were so grossed out by my previous use of roasted seaweed (seriously, have you tried it??), I gave him a field of spinach and romaine instead. I tried to make little yellow flowers out of bell pepper, but they kept looking more swamp-monster-emerging-from-ground than flower. Which didn’t really go with the cutesy motif I was aiming for… If any of you have success making little flowers out of peppers, please share!

Happy fun-with-fooding!




Fun with Food Friday: 24-Carrot Goldfish


Well, no, there aren’t 24 carrots used in THIS version of the fishbowl. And your kids probably won’t get the pun. But you *could* make 24, and I think you get it, right? Yes, you say. We got it. And we groaned!

I get that a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought I’d get back to the FwFF roots this week and make something for you to make at home. ‘Cause maaaybe you don’t have potato skins and seaweed just lying around. And maaaaybe you don’t have a child that would eat those things. And maaaybe you too would find last week’s potatopotamusย  really really frustrating to make because all the pieces want to slide around and fall over a lot and you would have to glue them together with peanut butter and then give yourself a peptalk to just. keep. going. and you CAN do this but you’re not a surgeon and maybe even THEY couldn’t do it… not like I am speaking from experience or anything.

eh hem.

But this one’s got marshmallows. I mean, come on!

Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚