Mommy & Me Monday: Muddy Valentine

This week Pristina joined her piggy friends to make heart shapes in the mud for you. (oops) Happy muddy Valentine’s! Enjoy coloring these cards together and focus on one of the important qualities of God’s love: patience.

As I made these cards today I was convicted of my own lack of patience. My kids are home from school and have been pestering each other all morning (apparently this is the best fun they could think of). I snapped at them (more than once) and found myself counting the hours until they would be back in school and I could have peace and quiet in the house again. But then I remembered that God is slow to anger. Abounding in love. That one of the signs of the Spirit in our lives is patience (Galatians 5). That God is putting up with a lot worse in this world than irritated siblings, because His patience is so great and he wants everyone to come to Him before the end…

In Princess Pristina, the king forgave Pristina over and over again for playing in the mud – just as God is patient and forgiving toward us when we make many bad choices. Jesus told us to forgive each other 70×7 times, because we are called to be like God who generously forgives over and over.

God – love Himself – is patient.

Lord, give me your heart today, that long-suffering love, so that my kids can see how patient and kind You are to us in Jesus when we are coming up short. And thank You for your tremendous grace and patience with me.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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