Fun with Food Fridays: Singing Sparrow-loupe


Earlier this week for Mommy & Me Monday I shared how you can make a simple plush version of the sparrow from Sir Bumble and Princess Pristina. A friend of mine saw the plush image in the post and for a moment thought it was a food post. So, as not to disappoint, here is the little guy crafted from edibles.

His beak and primary feathers are tangerine slices, his body and tail are cantaloupe, and I used cheddar for his eye patch and wing interior. His little feet are celery cross-sections, and his eye is of course a raisin. He flies through a sea of puffy mini marshmallows (which have gotten soft and sticky – perfect consistency!).

Not real sure how cantaloupe and cheddar will taste together…off to eat the fruits of my labor and find out! (Thankfully there are marshmallows for dessert, should this go ill with me 😉 )




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