Mommy & Me Monday: Poinsettia cards


It’s Mommy & Me Monday again! This week enjoy coloring a set of Poinsettia cards together! These could be fun to attach to gifts or send to friends & relatives who would enjoy the personal touch of a hand-colored card. I recommend printing on cardstock or a heavier paper, but nothing too glossy or it will be harder to color on. 🙂

Instructions: When you click on the image above, be sure to then click on the link that says “See full size image” -or a similarly worded link – before printing. (The image you see above is actually a low resolution one and will print very small or grainy.) Cut the sheet in half along the dotted line. Then fold each piece in half at the center so one side has the poinsettia and side has the Bible verse. I envisioned the poinsettia to be on the front of the card and the verse on the back, but of course follow your creative and God-led inspirations 🙂

As you color, you can talk about the legend of the poinsettia and what gifts we can give to God this year. The poinsettia’s story originates in Mexico where two poor children longed for a nice gift to leave by the baby Jesus’ manger. The story goes that as they walked to church one evening, an angel appeared to them and instructed them to pick the green weeds that were growing beside the road and place them beside the manger in the church’s nativity. The children did as they were told. After placing the weeds, the plants bloomed into these beautiful star-shaped crimson flowers before their eyes. A beautiful gift worthy of a king.

While this story is a legend, it reminds me of many stories in the Bible where God asked people to do strange things that might have gotten them embarrassed or in trouble. Yet those who obeyed saw miracles!

Jesus told the servants at the wedding in Cana to bring water to the host who had run out of wine. But before the host drank it, Jesus had turned it into wine.

Noah was asked to build an ark when a terrible rainfall like what God was predicting was unheard of then or ever since. But he built it, and the flood came.

Jesus told the lepers to go show themselves to the priest, and only as they went on their way in obedience was the leprosy cured.

Joseph was told to take Mary as his wife, even though she was already pregnant. This would have been very embarrassing to him in that day, but he believed that the baby really was from God and obeyed. And he became the earthly father of our God and Savior!

Hebrews 11 is full of more stories of those who had great faith. And we even now join them as we await Jesus’ return. We follow Him faithfully even though it has been 2000 years since He first arrived, and many people think its silly to believe that He is alive and will return, or that He was God in the first place. But we hold on to our faith that what God has said will come to pass. We continue to worship Him with our whole lives, knowing that one day our Savior will return to destroy evil once and for all. His glory truly will “shine over all the earth.” And we will join Him forever!



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