Fun with Food Friday: Griddle dragons



Please don’t eat me!

Last time we layered our way to a smaller dragon. This time we go for the close up! You can have fun with the eyebrows to make different expressions too. If you hold off on the syrup a bit and let your kids play with those eyebrows too you’ll probably earn your “fun mom” merit badge. 😀 Ooo – make him a mustache piece! Or a hat! It’s like Mr. Potato head for your pancake breakfast. If you try it, share photos!!

This guy is all about the layers. None of the shapes are particularly tough to make in themselves. The trick is to use a thicker pancake batter ( I used the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pancakes recipe) and start with a standard circle or oval and then push or pull the batter with the bottom of a spoon to get a spike or a tip or a corner. Just start with your spoon closer to the center of the oval and lightly drag it out in the direction you want the spike or go or the corner to come out of the circle. Make lots of batter and make lots of mistakes and then (too bad) you have to eat the rejects! 😉 And you’ll get the hang of it!

Here’s how to piece this guy together step by step!

Tangerine slices for the horns add a splash of color. I formed the crown of the head by making a crown – this is the trickiest piece. If you feel better about making a squarish piece and then using a knife to cut out the horns on top, go for it. I assure you your kids won’t care how it is done! 🙂
Think of this next piece as a reject Mickey Mouse head. It’s a bigger circle in the middle and the two smaller ears poured so close to the first circle that they meld into it.
Banana slices and raisins for the eyes…
This new piece is the jaw, with a strawberry for a tongue. You don’t need the nobs at the top of the jaw piece – this is actually a piece I originally intended to be the top of the snout but didn’t like the size in the end so I demoted it to the bottom jaw. A simple oval with a tip on the bottom will do the trick!
Tear drop piece forms the bridge of the nose. Notice the peanut butter – edible glue. And adds a bit of protein to the meal 🙂
Two skinny ovals for the eyebrows! Have fun with the expressions.





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