Fun with Food Friday: Banana Bear


Last week I made a little loaf of banana bread from some leftover batter. I usually do this so the kids (and I!) can have some for breakfast before taking the other normal-size loaves to someone else. Who may share with us and we’d get some more, but that is beside the point. And I mean, I have to TASTE the finished product right? Could I serve something potentially bad-tasting to a friend??

Nevermind that I have made and tested this recipe a hundred times before… but I digress.

The squatty little loaf sliced up into a shape that made me think of a bear’s face. So this one just blossomed from there. The paws pads are raisins that have been cut in half/ slivers. Tricky to work with because they stick to the knife, but I love trying to get those little details in. The eyes are crescents I cut from a banana slice, and the tongue is a bit of strawberry. Not too tricky and so fun to see the little smiles…



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