Fun with Food Fridays:Charging Rhinoshroomos


My husband recently brought home some marinated portabello mushrooms for dinner. But while I was supposed to be chopping them for a sauce, in the pile in front of me I saw a rhino’s nose. They have this wonderful wrinkly triangle-tipped snout. And then I saw those fun stumpy wrinkled rhino feet! And before I knew I what I was doing, dinner was on hold and my chopping turned to carving. Not that my children minded a delay in eating a dinner that involved mushrooms…

The rhino skin is made of the portabello caps (the tops) and the horn and toes are made from the fleshy underside of the caps, and the stem. Tiny bits of strawberry make the eyes (weird flavor combo but they were out and I was in too big a hurry to remember I had red peppers in the fridge). The tall grass is made of strips of honey dew melon.

And in a surprise happy ending, my son ate the mushroom sauce. And the backup hotdogs…




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