Fun with Food Fridays: Caulif-lamb-er


Ok, I know that pun is baaa-d.


So this week there was a giant head of cauliflower at the dollar store, and a package of cremini mushrooms next to it. And I of course immediately thought of sheep. (This is a perfectly normal train of thought right?)


His eyes and hooves are raisins, and I did have to cave and use a toothpick this time to attach the head (which is a cremini cap trimmed to make a head shape with ears). The legs are cremini stems. And for those of you who were so grossed out by my previous use of roasted seaweed (seriously, have you tried it??), I gave him a field of spinach and romaine instead. I tried to make little yellow flowers out of bell pepper, but they kept looking more swamp-monster-emerging-from-ground than flower. Which didn’t really go with the cutesy motif I was aiming for… If any of you have success making little flowers out of peppers, please share!

Happy fun-with-fooding!





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