Mommy & Me Monday: Sleeping Dragons maze!

SB dragon maze

I would’ve posted this earlier but I was having a liiiitle too much fun drawing and adding details and, well, this just took a lot longer than I thought it would! But it is still technically Monday…on the West coast (and Hawaii!)… phew! 🙂

Have fun helping Sir Bumble to wander the maze and coloring a goofy dragon or two with a little one in your life. Careful not to touch those sleeping dragons or you’re gonna have to yell BOO a lot!

This week take a minute to remind your children (and yourself!) that you are deeply loved by God. We are totally free, as though we had never done ANYthing wrong! Paul opened many of his epistles with “grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” because that IS our reality now; that is what He sends to us. We have peace with Him, not strife. Acceptance and celebration, not rejection or fear of punishment.

It makes sense to us to imagine that God loves us more when we are doing good. Kids I think especially struggle with this concept because it is easy to equate a parent/teacher’s disappointment and frustration with a lessening of their love. But even if our affection DOES waver when we’re angry, God is not like us and His affection for His children (young and old) is at its peak right now and forever. What a tremendous gift Jesus bought for us!




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