Fun with Food Friday: 24-Carrot Goldfish


Well, no, there aren’t 24 carrots used in THIS version of the fishbowl. And your kids probably won’t get the pun. But you *could* make 24, and I think you get it, right? Yes, you say. We got it. And we groaned!

I get that a lot. 🙂

I thought I’d get back to the FwFF roots this week and make something for you to make at home. ‘Cause maaaybe you don’t have potato skins and seaweed just lying around. And maaaaybe you don’t have a child that would eat those things. And maaaybe you too would find last week’s potatopotamus  really really frustrating to make because all the pieces want to slide around and fall over a lot and you would have to glue them together with peanut butter and then give yourself a peptalk to just. keep. going. and you CAN do this but you’re not a surgeon and maybe even THEY couldn’t do it… not like I am speaking from experience or anything.

eh hem.

But this one’s got marshmallows. I mean, come on!

Enjoy. 🙂




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