Fun with Food Friday: Hip-potato-mus


So my husband brought home leftover potato skins. I’m guessing he meant for them to be eaten*. But the texture, and the hollowed-out shape…I just saw this big happy mouth popping up at me. And there was the brick of jack cheese that said “hippo teeth” and I even had a half tomato for a tongue and – oh joy – dried seaweed! Green river water!

Generally I’d say this guy is a tasty snack. But one true confession – the teeth would NOT stay put. So, lacking toothpicks, I caved and glued them down with peanut butter. I’m a little scared to taste jack cheese, peanut butter, and seasoned-salted potato skin in the same bite. So if you attempt this guy at home, I definitely suggest having toothpicks on hand. Or a non-picky eater to serve to.

Generally adulting is not much fun. But at least now there’s no one to stop me from playing with my food. 😀

*Plenty of potato skins were consumed during the making of this FwFF. They say hippos are very dangerous. No joke. I think I just gained 5lbs making this one.


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