Mommy & Me Monday: 2 Corinthians 3:18

It’s Monday again! And more hungry animals are on the loose in Mixedupalot. This week a hungry pig (who is clearly not a very picky eater) gobbled up some of the words from our weekly Bible verse. So grab your markers and a seat beside a little one you love and help Pristina find the missing words in the pig’s tummy!

Note: if you’re new to the site, there are two versions of the worksheet – one version for the adults or older child, and an easier version for a younger child. The children’s version this week (the one with less letters) has only forward-spelled words and no diagonals. The words to find are grayed-out in the verse at the bottom. Maybe have a friendly race to see who finds all the words first!

And while you’re together, spend a few minutes taking about the verse.

“And the Lord – who is spirit – makes us more and more like Him as we are changed into His glorious image.” – 2 Cor 3:18

A long time ago, God gave the Israelites the Law. By following those commandments, the people could show God their love and devotion to Him. But there was a problem: following the Law perfectly was impossible! No matter how hard they tried, they would sin (break some of God’s laws/rules for how to live). That’s why part of the Laws were about how to be forgiven of their sins. God knew all along that we would still make wrong choices sometimes.

But then God did something wonderful – for all who trust in Jesus as the perfect sacrifice for their sin, He gives them His Spirit in their heart. And His Spirit is perfect (because He’s God). He changes our hearts so that we want to do the right things AND are always able to! (Philippians 2:13) He gives us strength to do those good things! And that is how we “are changed into His glorious image.”

Something glorious is something so beautiful and amazing that we think its really great. And image is a fancy word for what something looks like. God is glorious – He is full of love and goodness. This verse is saying that now, with God’s Spirit in us, He will make us “look” (in our behavior and choices) glorious just like Him.

Can we still make bad choices when His spirit is in us? Yes, we are always free to choose wrong. But when we are willing to be changed by Him, and offer our choices to Him, then He will be changing us always to be more and more like Him! Thank God for this great gift!

P.S. Here are the keys to our last word search 🙂 :



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