Fun with Food Fridays: An Alarmed Avocado

Alarmed AvocadoFI

Sometimes I feel like these food creatures need a speech bubble.I feel like this guy has just run up to me in a panic, having learned that people EAT avocados. What will we do?? Run for the hills!!

But I digress. Throw this guy together and ask you kids (or your inner child) what he’s alarmed by. 🙂 You KNOW they’ll have something deliciously imaginative to say…

This guy is made from:

An avocado half (head), with slices for the arms.

An orange slice for the torso.

Romaine ears.

Little sungold tomatoes (from our garden!) for the eyes

Raisin pupils

Olive bits for nostrils

Mozzarella triangles for the horn and teeth

Cucumber slivers (also from our garden!) for the eyebrows.

AAAAAaaa-njoy! 😉



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