Mommy & Me Mondays: John 1:12


This week a hungry dragon was stomping around Mixedupalot, eating all of the letters he could find – even some of the letters for this week’s memory verse! Can you find the missing words in his jumbled up tummy?

The version for younger children has only forward and diaganol words, for those who are just learning to spell and read. Grab a highlighter and have a friendly race to see who can find them all first!

This week’s verse is a powerful one that goes to the heart of the gospel. We have been given this amazing gift – to be God’s own children! In the passage this verse is pulled from, John (one of Jesus’ best friends during his time on earth) is talking about how Jesus came to earth but people didn’t recognize him as their creator. Only a few realized Who he was and worshipped Him. Even today many people don’t understand who Jesus is. But to those who do, to those who trust in Him as their Savior, they get to be in His FAMILY. And that’s why it is a wonderful gift we give to others when we introduce them to Jesus. He is the best, the most wonderful person there is and He loves us so much. Thank God for this great gift, and pray that you have courage enough to share Him with those around you too!

Happy word hunting!

And here’s the key to last week’s word search:


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