Mommy & Me Mondays: Colossians 3:13

Sorry about last week’s non-existent post. It was the first day of school and one in a series of very, very hectic days! Keepin’ it real here – some days being a mom and a wife just doesn’t allow for fun things like coloring pages and blogs. But we’re back. And I’ve done another word search for you (courtesy of’s Word search generator).

I was thinking today of just how incapable I am, on my own, of real patience or compassion. In the last week – when we had a car in the shop, a major home reorganization effort underway, and all the added busyness that comes with school starting up (not to mention a summertime hot house to do it all in) and I found my compassion and gentleness and kindness reserves bankrupt. I told the Lord it had to be HIS kindness, HIS compassion, HIS gentleness. I looked at myself and said “not possible.” But we can “clothe” ourselves with what we’re lacking by pausing and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal His heart and goodness through us. There is a real miracle that happens when we say ” I can’t God, but you can,” and wait on Him in faith. And yes, He does indeed miraculous infuse our hot, tired, stressed-out bodies with all those good things.

This might be a great chance to talk to your kids about what kindness and gentleness and patience (and forgiveness!) are. Remind them that we don’t make ourselves good by our efforts, but that God in us is good and as we trust in Him and offer our lives to Him we will indeed be clothed in all of these beautiful traits.

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts!  Zech 4:6

P.S. Here are the keys for the last wordsearch:




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