Fun with Food Fridays: Bell Peppersauropholus

Bell Peppersaurapholus FI

Because not only kids love dinosaurs, this week I bring you another veggie-style reptile for our dino collection: the Bell Peppersauropholus.

I bought a bag of fresh sweet mini bell peppers and was just enamored with the colors. Not to mention the interesting shapes. I noticed that one of the yellow ones reminded me of a duck billed dinosaur and it took off from there! To make this one you’ll need:

1 mini yellow bell pepper, cut in half (one half is the head, the other is the neck. Trim as needed so that the head can overlap the neck neatly).

1 mini orange bell pepper (tail)

1 mini red bell pepper (cut into foot shapes)

1/2 of a red apple (back haunches)

1 orange slice ( for the head crest)

1 raisin

1 sesame seed (I stole mine from a hamburger bun in the pantry) or a sunflower seed or bit of edible what-not on the cutting board. (this is for the nostril)

1 cucumber slice, cut into wedges (like a pie), for back spines

1 sandwich

a handful of goldfish or anything that is reminiscent of sand or dirt for the ground

some lettuce leaves or anything else you can make into a bush. Don’t forget to put a bit in the dino’s mouth!

The trick with this guy is to look for peppers that have the right shapes. Try to look at the peppers not as veggies but as shapes. Do any jump out at you as a face or tail or feet? My tail actually wasn’t quite right because it doesn’t taper to a point as a real dinosaur’s ought to, and I could have cut it into that shape with a knife perhaps. But the fun part is seeing what’s already there and working with it! So as much as possible step back and let your imagination do the work and just add or nip off a little as needed.

Assemble the pieces as shown, then give him a little lake of ranch dressing to dip in and enjoy!




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