Fun with Food Fridays: Carbodile

FwFF - Carbodile FI

I never know what’s going to get me – what will make me abandon my plans for the morning in favor of playing with food. Today it was a kiwi my son had cut open and left on the counter (not ripe enough even to gnaw on, poor kid). But perfectly green and croc-eye shaped to get me excited. Add to that a loaf of this delicious white bread my kids and I have come to love (Artesano brand. No, I’m not affiliated with them but hey if they want to pay me for a promotion I’ll take it!) and voila! I give you the carbodile. It’s your guess what is just beyond the plate that he wants to snap up in his jaws. What do you think? What makes a carbodile’s mouth water?

He makes mine water! 😀 Enjoy fellow foodies!

6 slices of toast: One slice cut into snout shapes, another with a triangle cut out of the bottom right corner to make a tail curving round, one slice cut into the front and back feet shapes (anyone want a template to print? I can draw one and post it – just let me know!), and the rest of the slices layered for the head and body shapes.

1 kiwi, halved and a few slices cut off. Cut slices into 8-16 pieces each (cut as you would a pie). Lay little triangular “spines” along the back, pointy side down and tucked under bread to create a row of bumps as shown.

Teeth cut from mozzarella

Raisins for pupils and nostrils (of course)

Oh yes, and a bit of strawberry jam inside the mouth (it’s on the corner of the underlying piece).

Rawr! 🙂


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