Fun with Food Fridays:Bagelosaurus

Bagelosaurus FI

I was slicing a bagel for my son for breakfast last week and had the urge to create. Poor kid. He kept waiting for me to finish my plate here for the big reveal, all the while his stomach still saying “Ahem, remind the dear woman what food is REALLY for, will you?” His stomach is very eloquent.

I gave him a different bagel to tide him over. Please don’t call CPS on the crazy food lady.

But, I digress.

So, as far as balanced meals go this one is a *wee* bit carb heavy. But if you have two kids, they can each have a slice of toast and a half bagel. And 6 pieces of Life cereal each. Make some eggs on the side? They’ll have to fight over the blueberry. OK OK, MAYbe a better solution is to give them each a bowl of blueberries and eat that one yourself. Done.

So I *think* this one is pretty straightforward. You’ll need:

1 plain bagel, sliced

3 slices of bread (probably toasted lightly but these aren’t)

a handful of Life or Chex

1 string cheese or some mozzarella to slice

1 blueberry

1 slice of a red-skinned fruit. I used a nectarine


So, I start with the neck. It’s just a half slice of bread, turned sideways so the roundy crusty side (also known as the “top” of the bread slice) is facing the right side of your plate.

Next, for the jaw,  take another slice of bread and cut it in half, placing the roundy-crusty side (aka the top) upside down and slightly overlapping the neck.

Next, for the top part of the jaw/snout, place a piece of bread on top of the jaw, with the straight side (aka the bottom of the slice) overlapping the jaw slice.

Tuck a slice of red fruit between the top and bottom of the mouth as shown. Then cut a couple teeth out of cheese and tuck them in there too.

Place the more roundy half of the bagel cut-side down on top of the snout for a nose, and place the other half (the one thats thinner and flatter…I guess that’s the bottom half…)overlapping the top piece of bread and the neck piece. Stick a blueberry in the middle of that second half for an eye.

Lay some pieces of Life/Chex on the neck and cheek and around the eye for a scaly texture.

Et voila!



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