Fun with Food Fridays: Funky Monkeybread Sandwich

FwFF - Funky Monkeybread sandwich FI

OK OK, so it’s not actual monkeybread, which is delicious. But its our own funky fun monkey made of bread. Also, if you want to put butter and cinnamon and sugar and maple syrup in your sandwich, I won’t tell on you 😉

Usually I post directions but this one seems straightforward. Right? Or do you still want the diagram? Let me know in the comments if you’re longing for labels!

I used pretzels for the ears and hair. A half bagel for the snout and jaw (a half of a bagel split in the usual fashion that is). Raisins for the nostrils, mozarella for the whites of the eyes, and in an unusual twist for Mixedupalot food creatures, grapes for pupils. Gotta mix it up once in awhile, right? But the raisins are still there. Because I just love their size and shape and dark wrinkly texture. 😉  And they taste good.




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