Fun with Food Fridays: Puppybutter & Jelly

FwFF - Puppybutter & Jelly

My sister in law and I came up with this guy for our kiddos. I rarely have Doritos in the house so I had to take advantage of a new shape and color. And yeah,the nose is a little extravagant in the sweets department. If you have Nutella that could work. Or a prune…? I dunno, maybe your kids would eat that. 😉

For your own puppy love lunch, you’ll need:

1 sandwich

1 extra 1/2 slice of bread

1 nectarine slice

1 Apple cross section

2 Doritos (or any triangular chip)

2 raisins

Dollop of Fudge/Nutella/ or 1 Prune for the nose

The only tricky part of this one is cutting the bread into a snout shape. What I did was take the half slice (a rectangle) and trim off the corners to make an oval. Then in the middle of the bottom edge I notched out a triangle shape. I stacked the half slice on top of the sandwich, letting some of it hang down off the sandwich. Then I tucked the nectarine slice under the notch to make the tongue.

Note: When slicing the nectarine, I just sheared off a section of the outside of the fruit (the bulgy round section near the stem) so its mostly skin and flat on the bottom. The rich red color makes a great tongue.



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