Fun with Food Fridays: Silly Eggosaurus Sandwich

FwFF - Eggosaurus rev

Boy does this dino have egg on his face. Or for a face… Speaking of egg on the face, did I spell sandwich right? I’m having one of those moments where normal words look misspelled…

Well, there’s no squiggly red line from the spell check. But this of course from the computing geniuses who brought us autocorrect. Am I the only one who gets auto”correct”-ed to complete gibberish? Maybe I have the ancient Gaelic dictionary selected.

But I digress!

This week is a great chance for an egg salad sandwich since you need the hard boiled egg anyway. Unless your kids are like mine and find that an appalling lunch option. One time when my daughter was in preschool I put one in her lunch and found it untouched in her lunchbox at pick up. She told me she figured I had just given her the wrong sandwich. In the same tone of voice as if I had given her a bag of dog kibble.

The good news is, any kind of sandwich will do for this dino. 🙂

Added to that, you’ll need:

1 banana, cut lengthwise

1 string cheese

1 orange wedge

1 raisin

a handful of Goldfish crackers

1 apple wedge, cut in half and notched at the pointy ends to look like toes

A leaf or two of Romaine lettuce

1 granola bar (I used a crunchy one. It crumbled easily and didn’t leave sticky fingers)

I suppose following the photo makes instructions less necessary. One thing I’ll point out is that the neck is about 2/3 of the length of the banana and the final 1/3 is for the tail. You could cut it in half, but I think the different lengths add whimsy. And yeah, I lost a lot of the sandwich to make a round body. If you don’t want to sacrifice that much nutrition for your art, I’m guessing a crustless sandwich even slightly rounded will not go amiss.

Enjoy, fellow artsy foodies! Let that creativity flow.







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