Fun with Food Fridays: Mortified Monster

FwFF - MortMonster

This week your food is afraid of you. Maybe a little one nearby said, “Boo”?

Give you little monster-lover a giggle with this frightened PB&J.

You’ll need:

A PB& J sandwich (I used a strawberry jam so the inside of the mouth is red)

One marshmallow, cut in half

4 raisins

A couple cucumber slices, cut as shown in photo

1 string cheese

1 tiny triangle of orange for the horn between the eyes

2 large round crackers or cookies

Make a PB&J by putting peanut butter on the bottom slice first, then top it with a generous portion of jam. Before placing the top slice of bread, cut off the bottom third or so of that slice (ONLY this slice of bread; leave bottom portion with PB & J intact) in an arc shape as shown, and place the pieces on top of the sandwich slightly offset from each other to create an open mouth.

For the tusks: the marshmallow halves naturally curved into points when I sliced it, making perfect tusks. If this doesn’t also magically happen for you, try pulling one side of each half into a point. Important: eat all failed attempts. Tuck the tusks inside the open mouth so they stick out a bit.

Layer the rest of the ingredients as shown in the image above and enjoy!



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