Fun with Food Fridays: Tyrannosandwich Rex

FwFF - Tyrannosandwich

Well after a very busy end of the school year and a whirlwind start to summer vacation for this family, Fun with Food Fridays is back! This week: a quick ferocious lunch for your favorite little dinosaur at home…

All you need is

A sandwich

A banana slice

Two raisins

Mozarella (I used a string cheese)

Assemble according to the photo. My husband suggested cutting the halves so one side is smaller, for the jaw (instead of equal halves). If you try it, share in the comments! I cut a bit of crust off the bottom sandwich for the angry eyebrow, and tucked the cheese teeth into the sandwich halves for a dimensional effect. The roast beef was nice for creating the color for the inside of the mouth, but I’m willing to bet your kids care more about flavor than artistic integrity… 😉


Got a favorite creative food blogger or creation of your own? Share in the comments!



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