Mommy & Me Mondays: 1 John 1:9

It’s Monday again! This week while you color together, talk about God’s willingness to forgive us every time we ask for it.

Pristina had a hard time learning to be a princess. Even though the King only asked her not to ruin her dress, she just couldn’t seem to stay out of the mud! Old habits are hard to break. And every time she messed up (literally), she was afraid that THIS time, the King wouldn’t forgive her. Maybe THIS time he would decide that he didn’t want her to be his daughter anymore.

Sometimes we may feel like that with God. We wonder if He’ll really forgive us AGAIN for the same failure. But God isn’t up there counting up our sins. The Bible tells us that He will remember our sins no more because of what  Jesus did for us! More than anything He wants a relationship with us, and is eager to forgive us. He wants us to turn back to Him every. single. time.

His forgiveness never runs out, because Jesus’ death & resurrection have paid our WHOLE debt for FOREVER. And for that reason He is faithful to forgive every time. And because of His great love, He is not only faithful, He is EAGER to forgive. Jesus went willingly to the cross for us, to be with us always. Isn’t that proof enough of His unending love?


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