Mommy & Me Mondays: Psalm 139:14

Coloring pages are back this week thanks to an old iMac and a little iPhone that could. I tell you, technology. So great when it works!

This week’s verse hits home deeply for some of us. We might not feel very wonderfully made for many reasons. So how can God say this? Well for one thing, God made an incredible creation and it was good. And He said we were a VERY good part of it. The fall of man brought a lot of ugly into this place. But even still, I think He sees so much that we don’t. We look on the outside, but He sees the heart. He sees the potentials, the desires, the love for Him. We wish we were taller or prettier or thinner or smarter. But God has made us deeply perfectly beautiful in our hearts by cleansing us and calling us His in Jesus. Is there any greater measure of worth than what God has made and called good, clean, His own? And in the end everything that has been corrupted will be clothed in perfection! For now, let’s pray to see what He sees in the mirror and have the faith to say it’s wonderfully made. If He says it, it’s true!


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