Mommy & Me Mondays: 1 Peter 5:8

Mommy & Me Monday is here again! I’ve made a  detailed coloring sheet for an adult or older child, and a simpler version for the younger ones. Enjoy coloring together and talking about Jesus!

This week’s verse is 1 Peter 5:8. We know that the devil is God’s enemy – his goal is to keep people from knowing and following Jesus. He is against everything that God wants to do. And that means that when we ask God to do good things on earth through us, when we set out to live like Jesus, Satan wants to stop us. How does he do that? There are a lot of ways – he is very tricky! He might try to distract us from God with things we want. Or maybe he’ll send us people who will make us doubt that God is real and good. Or, like the people Peter is writing to, he’ll send other people who hate God to do mean things to us. When the Bible says he wants to devour us, it means he wants to ruin our faith in God and all that He has promised us. But don’t worry – God is bigger than the devil. He will help us. We can fight the devil by reminding ourselves every day of the good things God has promised us, and reminding other people too. We should pray every day and ask God to help us keep believing and following Him. Just like the sparrow always came when Sir Bumble called for his help, God will always answer our prayers to stay strong in our belief.


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