Fun with Food Fridays: Fruit Hawk

FwFF - Fruit Hawk inst

This week we get to go vertical with a fruit sculpture (don’t worry – it’s not too hard!)

You’ll need:

an apple

a string cheese

a tangerine (I used a mini Cutie)



a couple toothpicks

The nice thing here is that the apple makes a nice sturdy base and you don’t have to do anything to it beyond poke a toothpick in the top. So,

Step 1: Put an apple in the middle of your plate. Add some thin stalks of asparagus in front of it. Place tangerine slices over the asparagus stalks in sets of two as shown.

Step 2: Cut two slices of watermelon. Make one a nice wedge shape (thicker at the the rind than the flesh at the top, pyramid shaped) so that it doesn’t fall over. Cut notches out of the flesh for the appearance of feather tips. Place that wedge at the back of the apple for the tail.

Step 3: For the other slice of watermelon, cut a football shape. On the left edge, cut out triangle notches as shown to create a crest of feathers. On the other end, cut out a triangle notch where the beak will be inserted.

Step 4: Insert a toothpick into the notch you just created and then slide a tangerine slice onto it for the beak. Press a watermelon seed or raisin into the watermelon flesh for the eye. (You may need to cut a little divot in the flesh to be able to poke the eye in and have it stay)

Step 5: Poke a toothpick into the apple where the stem was or nearby. Lay strips of the string cheese over the top of the apple, around the toothpick.

Step 6: Attach head as shown by pushing it down onto the toothpick.

Voila! Enjoy!



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