Fun with Food Fridays: Pristine Breakfast

FwFF - Pristina toast

This week I turned breakfast into a delicious portrait of Pristina.

You’ll need:

2 pieces of white toast (lightly toasted), one with jam (I used strawberry.)

3 orange slices (cross sections that look like wheels)

1 strawberry

2 raisins

2 eggs, scrambled

Place one slice of toast on your plate, rounded side facing the bottom of the plate. Cut the other piece of toast into a trapezoid and cut a rounded “neckline” at the top. Spread on the jam. Place beneath first slice of toast as shown in picture. Place half a strawberry at the center of the neckline as a “gem”. I also put some sprinkles along the neckline to make it sparkly. Put an orange slice on either side of the toast, slightly underneath the bread – these are her puffy sleeves.

Put scrambled eggs around and slightly overlapping the top of first slice of toast to create her curly hair (this will also mask the squared off shape of the bread slice). Place two raisin eyes and a small crescent sliver of apple for the mouth on top of the toast. From the scraps left over from cutting the body shape, cut off a small piece toast and roll with your finger to make a little ball (or if its too toasty trim it to a round shape). This is her nose. For rosy cheeks, put a little bit of jam.

Finally, for the crown, cut one of the orange slices into thirds. Take one third and bend it backwards (opposite the rind’s natural curve) to straighten it out and cause the sections to separate into individual triangles (though still attached to the rind). Place on top of her head and add little bits of strawberry to be the gems in her crown.







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