Fun with Food Fridays: Leggo my sparrow!

FwFF - sparrow waffle

Continuing with the breakfast theme from last week (because seriously, who doesn’t love breakfast foods?), this week turn your toaster waffles and egg into a flying sparrow!

You’ll need:

2 toaster waffles

1 egg, separated*

1 banana slice

1 raisin

1 tangerine slice

1 strawberry slice

Toast waffles and cool slightly. Cut and notch waffles according to diagram, eating the unneeded pieces.Yum. Turn one wing over so both wings have notched edges on same side. Layer, slightly staggered, on top of body. Add tail and fruit according to diagram. For the sun, carefully cook the yolk and white separately in pan until cooked through. Lay the yolk “sun” on the plate and then lay down the white “cloud”, slightly overlapping it on top of the yolk. *

*If the idea of separating and cooking the egg like this sounds intimidating, layer banana slices and use a half tangerine for the sun and clouds instead. 🙂

FwFF - sparrow waffle alt clouds




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