Fun with Food Fridays: Dragon snack attack

FwFF - Dragon snack

It’s a dragon attack! Inspired by the meanest, foulest, most dreadful dragon in the Kingdom of Mixedupalot that Sir Bumble had to face. Fortunately, this one only spouts carrot and apple slices (though for some children, that takes a bit of courage to consume).

For this week’s creation you’ll need:

1 Nectarine, sliced, for body & tail; halved slices for legs and tail point

4 Grapes

1 Lettuce leaf

A bit of Mozarella or other white cheese, cut into little squares or triangles

2 Cheddar slices (one cut into an arch shape and notched, another cut into two arms)

2 Townhouse crackers

1 Apple (or just use more nectarine) slice for mouth & “flames”

1 Carrot “flame”

1 Raisin (and yes I put a dot of mozarella on the eye to look like a glint)

Assemble according to picture and Voila!



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