Fun with Food Fridays: Piggy Pancakes

FwFF - Piggy Pancakes2

This week’s fun food was inspired by Princess Pristina. How about some strawberry-flavored piggies for your kids to get “muddy” with maple (or chocolate!) syrup?

You’ll need:

Pancake mix and listed required ingredients (I used Bisquik and needed milk and an egg)

Strawberry-flavored syrup (I used strawberry Nesquik)



Maple syrup – or Chocolate if you really want the muddy effect 🙂

Make the pancake mix according to your favorite recipe or the package directions. Add enough strawberry syrup or Nesquik to make the batter nice and pink (Don’t skimp – if the color is too light then the browning of the pancake on the griddle will overpower the color).

Pour the pancake mix on the griddle in the following shapes and sizes – One large pancake, one medium, one triange-ish shape smaller than the medium pancake, two even smaller triangles for the ears. If you’re not confident in your pouring skills, no worries – just cut the triangle shapes out of another pancake with a knife. 🙂

Layer the pancakes in this order: Big on bottom, medium next, slightly overlapping the top of the big pancake. Next, the big triangle for the nose goes on top of the medium pancake, and the smaller triangles overlap the top of the medium pancake, with the points facing down. Put raisins on for eyes. Put a couple small strawberry pieces on the nose for nostrils. Voila!

Have your kids go to town making the pigs muddy with syrup!




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