Mommy & Me Mondays: Hebrews 8:12

Welcome to Mommy & Me Monday (and not just for mommies – daddy, grandma or grandpa, auntie, nanny – this is for all of us!) Each week I’ll try to post a set of coloring sheets, a craft, or an activity inspired by Sir Bumble or Princess Pristina that you can do with a special little one in your life, a Sunday school class, or maybe just you and a cup of coffee ;). Not only can you spend a few quality minutes together, but hopefully you’ll get a chance to talk about God and faith a bit too.

When I finished this week’s sheet, a friend commented that it seemed an odd combination – seeing the word “wickedness” on so happy a picture (and of a child no less). And I had to agree. But then another verse came to mind – “How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered!” Psalm 32:1 One translation renders blessed as “happy”. Sin comes between us and other people, and of course between us and God. But how happy we are once we are forgiven and a lost friendship is restored. And the joy is overwhelming when we realize that God’s forgiveness means we’ll get to be with Him forever, never to suffer again.

If you’re not sure how to bring up a spiritual conversation with a child, start by asking them to read the verse, or reading it to them. Ask them if they know what it means. Maybe they won’t understand “wickedness” or “forgiveness”. You can focus on the second half – God FORGETS our bad choices. Because Jesus died and took our punishment, God will remember our sins no more. All we have to do is admit (tell him we know) that we did wrong, and ask for Him to forgive us.


I’d love to see how you would color Pristina. Post your finished coloring sheets in the Comments for a chance to win a coloring sheet colored by the illustrator!


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