Fun with Food Friday: Royal steed

Horse instructions

Picky eater won’t touch their lunch? Maybe if you gave them a royal steed to eat (and let’s be honest, the Poptart “blanket” on its back won’t hurt the prospects of getting food into them…unless they eat that first and insist they’re full…that NEVER happens at my house! 😉 Feel free to “healthify” that part.)

You’ll need:

a sandwich (I made mine with the heel to get the color I wanted, but I realize that’s a deal breaker for most kids. Feel free to use any bread they’ll eat.)

1 Townhouse or similarly oval-shaped cracker

1/2 Poptart (we all know what you’re doing with the other half! Yum!) or fruit leather strips

A few slices of mozzarella or other white cheese

2 apple slices

1 raisin

Fruit leather or taffy – licorice or vines would work too. (I grabbed what we had on hand and I liked the color but yeah, I already put a Poptart on this so in REAL life I’d make this with fruit!)

Follow the cutting directions in the diagram for the sandwich and other ingredients and assemble. Enjoy!

Post your creations and variations in the comments! Anyone want to try making the horse rearing up?




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