Sparrow plush v 2.0

Every fall I get the urge to sew something. Usually I’m satisfied after one project, but this year I’ve turned into a sewing maniac (does anyone else suddenly see Jesse Spano running in place, singing?)

After the monumental effort of my daughter’s Toothless costume, this time I wanted to try something simple. In Sir Bumble the sparrow character is there to comfort and encourage Sir Bumble, and I hid a sparrow in every illustration to highlight the fact that he was always there, even when we didn’t see him at first. Rather like the Holy Spirit whom he represents – always there to comfort and guide though we do not see him. Originally I came up with a simple pattern that just about anyone with basic sewing skills could make, so it could be hidden as a little game for kids. Like a real life hidden picture.

sew sparrow

My daughter has two I’ve made and doesn’t seem bothered one bit by their simplicity. But I needed a fresh challenge. Instead of two pieces for the body I added a back. I also made and stuffed the wings, sewing them into the body rather than simply tacking the felt ones to the side. I hoped that these new wings would be more durable, though the original’s wings have held up all right to my daughter’s affections. I also wanted to add a true tail and beak. Here’s what I came up with:

photo 2-1 sparrow top

The wings are a little puffy, but maybe that just makes him more cuddly.

It took about 3 hours. I’m hoping that now that I’ve figured out the basic pattern I can shave some time off of that. My dream is to make these as gifts to give with copies of my book, at children’s hospitals or to foster children. It was kind of neat because I had been thinking of making these but wasn’t sure if finances would allow the added fabric purchase right now. And then I’m at the fabric store and lo and behold there’s a roll of yellow fleece in the remnants bin. How could I resist? $4 and I used about a 50 cents’ worth for this bird! Hopefully the recipient of this little guy will feel all the love of God that inspired this story.


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